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Rules and Punishments

Discussion in 'Important Information' started by Talabrek, Mar 20, 2017.

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    These are the rules that all members are expected to follow. This includes Premium Members and Staff!

    Rule #1: No hacks, cheats, or flying mods. Optifine and mini-map mods are okay.
    Punishment: Permanent ban for first offense. No warnings!

    Rule #2: No scamming, stealing, or griefing. This includes taking items from another player's farm.
    Punishment: Ban.

    Rule #3: Be respectful to other players. Don't harass or be rude to anyone. This includes in-game chat, discord, and the forums. If you are joking with someone and they ask you to stop, then stop.
    Punishment: Mute.

    Rule #4: No exploiting in-game bugs or glitches (i.e "block glitching"). If something seems like it is working in an unintended way, chances are it is.
    Punishment: Ban, Items gained from exploiting will be removed.

    Rule #5: No trespassing on another player's island, creative plot, or survival region. Exploring is okay, but if the player asks you to leave, do so immediately.
    Punishment: Ban.

    Rule #6: Keep the chat clean and cursing to a minimum. 1 or 2 curse words are okay if you aren't cursing at another player. If you are cursing at another player then that is harassment (see rule #4).
    Punishment: Mute.

    Rule #7: Don't spam or advertise for other servers. Spam includes repeatedly asking for people to join PvP or asking to join an island.
    Punishment: Mute.

    Rule #8: Don't beg for items or special privileges.
    Punishment: Mute.

    Rule #9: The staff is here to keep the peace and make the server a more enjoyable place. They will also answer questions related to server commands and features. They are forbidden from using their abilities to hand out freebies, so don't ask! Use /ticket if you need assistance.
    Punishment: Mute.

    Punishment length will change depending on the severity and previous record of breaking the rules. Generally, punishment length will be as follows:

    First Offense: Warning
    Second Offense: 1 hour
    Third Offense: 1 Day
    Fourth Offense: Forever


    First Offense: Warning
    Second Offense: 1 Day
    Third Offense: 1 Week
    Fourth Offense: Forever

    Attempting to bypass a punishment (for example using /me to bypass a mute) will result in further punishments and loss of permissions. Players may be muted/banned for breaking rules without warning in extreme cases.
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