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Known Bugs

Discussion in 'Bugs and Problems' started by Talabrek, Apr 26, 2017.

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    Mar 1, 2017
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    This is a list of bugs that we are currently aware of and are working on fixing. If you found a bug not included in this list while on the Survival beta, please post it here or make a post in this section!
    • Creepers are damaging blocks.
    • Monsters are spawning in the water.
    • Death Chests are not spawning in some situations.
    • Bosses are spawning too frequently and can be exploited
    • Random world structures contain OP loot or are missing loot.
    • God mode is enabled for some players.
    • Lockette can be abused by placing signs in another player's claim.
    • Furnaces are acting weird when you try to put a single item in the fuel section, if you have more in your "hand" the whole itemstack go in, instead of one item when right-clicking.
    • Guardians are not spawning.
    • Players get a no permission message when clicking on heads, but actually gives the head.
    • Breaking fruit sometimes drops an extra bugged player head.
    • 4 dirt create anvil in the fastcraft menu.
    • Enchants gotten in enchant table isn't relative what it says. Enchant table says unbreaking 2... but get blast protection 4 on a sword. Or Universal Enchant on a diamond cap.
    • Achievement fireworks hurt players. (needs testing)
    • Creepers do more damage than they should.
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  2. Gijs_TheBest

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    Apr 26, 2017
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    You can duplicate items with wands, due to them breaking blocks. (Only magic missile)

    Explosive Pickaxe can break other players death chests without permission by mining a block next to it.

    when armor breaks you automaticly dequip it, but you can put it back on. and it wil, just like tools, not break when being used again. you can have a pickaxe with -76 durability for example.

    a creeper blew up near a cave spider spawner, and it dropped? and the fire particles of the spawner stayed where they were.

    Death compass doesn't work in the nether, and death chest is near useless if you die drowning in the deep lava ocean. and I think falling sand burns in lava?

    You can use pistons to take blocks from any block placing spells. (this doesn't work with block moving spells because those blocks get moved back)

    any block placed in an area where a spell made a hole, will be deleted when the spell repairs the terrain.
    this is including death chests!

    If you die with a magical hat, or a magic elytra, the magic gear won't go into your death chest (as suposed to) however neither will the armor piece that is replaced by the magic gear.
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  3. You can get ghost items from the SlimeFun interface. They can be made real in Creative but not as far as I can tell in SkyBlock. (btw I would also like to make a request, this glitch was purposely found with the intent of getting iron golem eggs in Creative because there's no way to get it otherwise. So I would like to ask to get some type of way to get Slimefun Items in Creative without having to spend hours making each item and having to just deal with not knowing the items you can't make.) Oh and what I did was Shift+Click, then pressed E to exit the interface near simultaneously (but not quite, pressing E came frames after shift click).

    Sorry the end of vid 2 is cut short but basically if you tp it disappears
  4. Joapple

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    Mar 1, 2017
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    Yeah this mostly happen because you are in creative mode, i am not gonna fix it :)
    and the 1nd video, the dev forget some update inventory, so the client is "unsynced" with the server, when you teleport it updates. Not a big deal as you can't use it and blocks just get glitchy.

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