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Josh/Chalice713's Application for helper and beyond

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Sarpadian, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Sarpadian

    Sarpadian Guest

    Your in-game name.
    Chalice713, i do have an alt account i occasionally show up on which is SarpadianVII, i also go by josh and will generally answer to it if called

    How long have you played on this server? (If you are not sure, write an estimate.)
    was july of two years ago i think

    What is your age? Not your level of maturity.
    im 26! man im old, dont make me type that again i'll get arthritis i swear

    Your time zone?
    GMT -5 aka EST/EDT

    What languages do you speak fluently? (If you know any coding languages, please include them here as well)
    English, am currently learning spanish, have mild experience with java

    Do you have any previous experience as a helper/moderator/admin/apprentice/builder?
    i was an admin of an old site called gold craft and was part of its build team as well, was in charge of making sure plugins were balanced for enjoyable play with the other members

    What plugins do you have previous experience with?
    essentials, mcmmo, worldedit, pex, various other plugins, i pick up anything quickly if you explain it and show me a config file

    How could you help this server?
    i like to think im very personable, and have very good people skills to engage users as well as providing and gathering input for making the server and the plugins it runs enjoyable for everyone

    How many DCs would it take to recreate the yellow brick road, to scale?
    assuming the road is 2 blocks wide given the veiwpoint of dorothy in the movie in comparsion to the player model and the limited info ive found, youd need somewhere in the vicinity of 61.470 double chests of your chosen block assuming it has a max stack of 64

    Describe a skybuck.
    our glorious form of capitalism put in place by the great god talabrek in order for us the flaunt giant numbers at each other

    Are you applying for helper or apprentice?
    helper and beyond as long as my overall attendance wont cause issues
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