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Dungeon Time Trials

Discussion in 'Report Player' started by UberNinya, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. UberNinya

    UberNinya Guest

    00:19.004 top record for Rainbow Dungeon held by mr_pilot

    These times are only attainable by special items or by hacking/glitching. The entrance of Rainbow is seemingly surrounded by barrier blocks to avoid access to the outskirts of the dungeon. So the only way to complete the course is to go through the route of the dungeon. However, these times suggest that it is being shortcut in some way via the use of hacks/cheats/glitches.

    This is not the only dungeon time trial I am concerned with. While I can't prove him cheating in rainbow specifically, I can show something in the Piano Tiles Dungeon.

    mr_pilot's piano tiles time trial indicates that he completed the dungeon from start to finish in 00:22:358.

    The first section of the dungeon takes approximately 15 seconds to complete with speed 2. Whether or not one am good at parkour is irrelevant in the first section, since there are none except for simple, 1 block jumps. Even if there was some way to minimize time of jumps between the black sections of the piano tiles, it is almost guaranteed that this first part will take more time than 11 seconds, which is already half of mr_pilot's 22 second time.

    Now, for the next 2 sections, I am not sure how long is should take due to jump boost 2 and other buffs that may be used... but if the first section alone took this long, how can it be possible to do another 2, both of them with mandatory parkour? Assuming each section takes around 11 too, with parkour, that's at least another few seconds added to your time... making the time of 22 seconds suspiciously... impossible. Some form of cheating is involved.

    Also found something interesting. The length from the start of the dungeon trial and moving straight across to the right towards end took around 20 seconds. I have a drawing if my words aren't clear. A video is shown to reinforce it.

    Of course, none of these time trials were recorded. Staff is free to delete any if necessary.

    Looking at the time stamps for the video, I started running from the theoretical position of the START time trial pressure plate at from 24 seconds all the way to the theoretical END position of the time trial pressure plate and finished at around 42 seconds into the video. In total, the time it took to get across was 18 seconds. Accounting for the amount of time it takes to go into this cave and step on the plate (shown in the second picture), 22 seconds is a probable time for what I just demonstrated.

    Using logic, the drawing, and the video I have provided, there is a high possibility that cheating (whether it is block glitching or flying) is involved.

    Here is how long it would take to block glitch and go all the way around the path (Around 48 seconds w/ Speed II and Jump II). My point being, you cannot go around the sections and manage 22 seconds. You would need to go directly across.

    Which leads me to question the mr_pilot's times in other dungeons. I understand and do accept that maybe not ALL of his top times are with the use of cheats, however, some of these times are absurd.

    If mr_pilot or any staff member would show me proof that these times are legit and disprove all of my evidence, then I will gladly accept defeat in this case. However, as it stands for me and a few others right now, some of these time trials are not legit.

    EDIT: I actually do not need to see these times, I will leave it up to staff members to determine if the runs were illegal.

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  2. 7AteNein

    7AteNein Moderator

    Apr 26, 2017
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    Thank you for posting your concerns. Pilot has agreed to run rainbow with me the first chance we both get.

    As for piano time trials, they were ruined when VT was down (you could bee line it straight through, no jumps or tp's back).
  3. UberNinya

    UberNinya Guest

    I will leave the it up to you to judge the Rainbow Run.

    Ah, I did not know about the piano tiles issue. However, unless there are some missing details involving the whole issue w/ the VT being down, some things still don't make sense to me.

    The video shown is a trial using what you have described to me: a theoretical run of a "beeline" through Piano Tiles with no jumps (there were 2 but they are minor) or tp's back. At 14 seconds in the video, I started running and finished at 57 seconds into the video. Even with speed II and me cutting corners, it still took 43 seconds (almost double his best time) to complete this run. Feel free to correct me if I am missing details, but I am still suspicious about the piano tiles time.

    I am a little reluctant to bring up the old post, but in the thread "Time Trial Records" in the general discussion, why were we never told by mr_pilot that VT was down when he did his run? If VT is broken, that would be a server issue, therefore no player would be punished for their times. We were instead told by mr_pilot: "Second, you can do piano tiles faster than you think, with speed effects, and you dont have to use especially jump effects, they just ruin the speed." which for one, indicates nothing about PianoTiles being broken, and second, if I am interpreting this correctly, he is also saying he jumped during his run which shouldn't be necessary with VT down.
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  4. Joapple

    Joapple Moderator
    Staff Member

    Mar 1, 2017
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    Okay, this dungeon is been a problem since a long time, i put a barrier blocks as a roof, no way to get on top of the walls anymore and if you EVER manage to go on top, i will make you teleport back to start of it.

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