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Can't log in

Discussion in 'Bugs and Problems' started by Ayanami_, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Ayanami_

    Ayanami_ Guest

    Somehow digging through my chests, I found one that if I opened it kicked me, so naturally, I tried to break the chest. Annnnddd, now I can't log in. I've either picked up some corrupted item from a previous section or the chest itself is corrupted. If I could get help, that'd be awesome.

    My inventory should be comprised of some dirt, grass, gravel, a shovel....some other stuff...and that chest.

  2. Rescudo

    Rescudo Moderator
    Staff Member Premium

    Mar 1, 2017
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    I've attempted to fix your player file. Could you try logging in again and see if that has solved the issue?
  3. Ayanami_

    Ayanami_ Guest

    No I still cannot.
  4. Ayanami_

    Ayanami_ Guest

    I was actually using the wrong version. I was playing with 1.10 and when I opened the chest there might've been a 1.12 item in it. Maybe it'd be better to put a warning up if the server will let players play on a previous version?

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